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Kayaking through the eighth wonder of the world – Milford Sound

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Kayaking through the eighth wonder of the world – Milford Sound

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Milford Sound, why not add a bit of adventure to your cruise and opt for a kayaking trip through the serene Harrison Cove.

After arriving at the Milford Discovery Centre & Underwater Observatory from your cruise, you are kitted up in your kayaking gear and lowered down into the water on an automated lift, allowing for an easy entry without the fear of tipping.
From here, you are set to explore the fiord in one its sheltered coves, offering calmer waters and a rich abundance of flora and fauna.

Depending on the weather, you’ll mostly experience one of two scenes – dramatic low clouds and gushing waterfalls from the towering mountains facing you, or crystal clear serene waters with blue skies and sunshine. Both are just as extraordinary as each other!

The adventure isn’t strenuous, rather a leisurely pace allowing you to take in the awe-inspiring scenery and feeling at-one with nature. The hustle and bustle of the cities are long gone, you’re rather immersed into a world with the sound of birds calling and the breeze through the trees.

If the tide is right, follow your guide up for a paddle through the freshwater river that joins the fiord and taste the pure glacial fed water that runs from the Pembroke Glacier.

Keep an eye out for wildlife as you glide past sheer cliffs – as dolphins, rare Fiordland penguins and seals may pop up to say hello.

Once you’ve explored the cove by kayak, you head back to the Discovery Centre where you can view the fiord from under the water. Previously a sight seen exclusively by divers, the underwater observatory is open and free for sea life to come and go – you never know what might appear on the day.

This ultimate adventure gives you a perspective of the fiord from above, on and below the water – and once you have seen it for yourself, you’ll soon see it’s no wonder why Rudyard Kipling described it as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’.

This is truly one incredible journey of discovery.

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