What’s the weather like in Te Anau?

Sitting at 210m (690ft) above sea level and protected from much of Fiordland’s exceptionally high rainfall by the Southern Alps, Te Anau enjoys a drier and more temperate climate than neighbouring Fiordland.

Long, summer days in Te Anau are perfect for lake activities and you will find the water buzzing with swimmers, yachts, water skiers, anglers, kayakers and lake cruises. In winter, crisp mornings and short days are less conducive to getting in the water. Despite this, the popular lake cruises and water taxis continue to run all year round. October signals the start of the Great Walks season and hikers from around the world descend on Te Anau to access the Milford, Kepler and Routeburn Tracks in warmer weather. The walking season runs through until April.

Average rainfall in Te Anau is around 1,200mm per annum, which varies greatly from Fiordland’s 8,000mm of annual rainfall. But Te Anau is not immune from wet weather days, and even in the driest months of the year, be prepared for rainy days.
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When’s the best time to visit Te Anau?

If you love the warm weather, the best time to visit Te Anau is January to March with mid-February delivering Te Anau’s highest daytime temperatures. The driest months are February, March and April, but expect rain any time of year. While it is cold in winter, there is little chance of experiencing snowfall on the ground. Instead, you will see plenty of fresh snow on the surrounding mountain ranges. Find out more about hiking in Fiordland.

What to bring

If there’s one thing the weather in Te Anau is famous for, it’s unpredictability. We suggest you pack clothing for just about every possible weather condition! A good-quality rain jacket is an absolute must, and anyone planning to hike in Fiordland will also need decent hiking shoes, wet weather gear, and a way to keep your backpack dry. In Te Anau, there are several shops where you can purchase good quality outdoor clothing.
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