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Kayaking in Milford Sound – The Perfect Complement to your Cruise

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Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places to visit in New Zealand. Its soaring cliffs, unique wildlife, and spectacular scenery leave its visitors in awe. Without a doubt, the best way to explore Milford Sound is via one of our Milford Sound cruises – but why not double the adventure and get closure with some kayaking!

Our guided kayaking tour is the perfect complement to an already amazing experience in Milford Sound. Here is everything you need to know about our guided kayaking experience in Milford!

What makes Kayaking in Milford Sound so special?

Kayaking in Milford Sound is one of the most surreal experiences that will be sure to take your breath away. From a tiny kayak, Milford Sound’s true size becomes abundantly clear.

From a Kayak, you’re also as close as possible to the water and the wildlife. As you paddle your way through this ancient, glacier-carved valley you will be able to get up close to the towering cliffs and unique wildlife that makes Milford Sound so special.

Your experienced guide will provide commentary about Milford Sound and guide you safely around sheltered Harrison Cove. All that’s left is for you to enjoy the serenity and take amazing photos of New Zealand’s very own natural wonder.

How long is the tour?

Our kayaking experience runs for around one hour. That’s 60 minutes on the water enjoying those scenic views. This is separate from the time you get exploring Milford Sound on one of our cruises, and the kayaking does not take time away from that. Our Cruise & Kayak experience will allow you to spend 3-4 hours exploring Milford Sound in total!

What is included?

On our kayaking experience, we provide everything you need to enjoy this activity safely and comfortably. This includes good quality kayaks and paddles, life jackets, waterproof clothing, as well as dry bags for cameras and phones. We also have containers for you to place other items you wish to leave behind. As a safety precaution, we have a rescue boat on hand.
Who is our kayaking experience for?

Anyone can join our kayaking experience in Milford Sound. One reason for this is our tours operate in Harrison’s Cove, which is undoubtedly the calmest area of Milford Sound. Due to Harrison’s Cove calm waters, even those who haven’t kayaked before can enjoy this activity.

Our experienced guides will give the group a lesson on kayaking before you enter the water and provide any additional assistance once you’re in the water as required. We have an automated lift that makes getting into the kayak easy and means no wet feet!

Once on the water, our tour moves at a relaxed pace that allows plenty of time for taking photos and enjoying the views. This means all fitness levels can participate and enjoy this once in a lifetime activity.

What will you see?

Milford Sound is said to be the 8th Natural Wonder of the World. Its beauty is unchallenged and viewing this prehistoric place from a kayak is a humbling experience. However, it’s not just Milford Sound’s landscape you will see. Milford Sound is home to very unique wildlife both below and above the water. While kayaking, you could see dolphins, seals, a range of birds, and penguins.

On a kayak, you are less likely to scare some of these animals away and our guides will instruct you as to how close you can get!

What about the rain?

It rains a lot in Milford Sound, which is why there are so many incredible waterfalls! Rain won’t affect your experience out in a kayak. With fully waterproof clothing provided you won’t even notice the weather! In fact, Milford Sound is arguably more beautiful in the rain!

Milford Sound Cruise & Kayak

If you have already made it to Milford Sound on your own then we also offer Cruise & Kayak combos! These tours run for around 4 hours and depart right from the Milford Sound. This tour includes everything above minus the transport! We have multiple departures throughout the day and the option to combine kayaking with a variety of different cruises.
Kayaking in Milford Sound is an activity that shouldn’t be missed – and we hope to see you out there on the water!

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