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When wanting to tick off your bucket list in and around Queenstown, there may be a few hot spot locations that require a bit of road travel. We think we can guess one location on that list…

Milford Sound is a huge enticement for visitors to leave central Queenstown and explore, and we love taking them on that journey to go further into the rugged South Island! Our premium coach is ready and waiting to make that journey as easy as possible. Considering ditching the car and arranging transport instead? Here’s a few lesser known things to ponder when deciding whether to drive or climb aboard a coach to Milford Sound.

Local knowledge and commentary.

Sit back, relax, and listen to witty stories and local information from your friendly coach driver throughout the drive to Milford Sound that you wouldn’t otherwise have known if you drove yourself to Fiordland National Park. Southern Discoveries are the ONLY Milford Sound company to offer a multi-language commentary app for the coach & cruise, so you can follow along the journey on your own device and in the language of your choosing.

All of the pit-stops and hot spots taken care of.

When your ideal itinerary is done for you, there’s no lengthy research required about where to stop for the best views and the best photos! Just hop off when the coach stops and trust your driver’s expert knowledge of the area. The coach stops at three to four significant viewpoints and short walks on Milford Road, including the picturesque Mirror Lakes.

No worries about weather conditions.

Fiordland National Park is known for some very wet conditions. Combine this with the frosty temperatures of the South Island and it can make for some road conditions that you’re not used to. By taking a coach with a professional driver who makes this trip everyday in all conditions, you can feel safer and more relaxed knowing that they can handle the road for you.

Seamlessly combines with the Discover More Cruise.

A Coach + Discover More Cruise day trip from Queenstown to Milford Sound combines the best of both worlds to help you see every angle of Fiordland National Park with no logistical fuss. Experience the views and photo stops on Milford Road before boarding a cruise that takes you further than any other Milford tour; discover the hidden gems both above and below the surface with entry to the Underwater Observatory included in the cruise. You can even add on a Picnic Lunch or Buffet Lunch so that you can relax knowing it is truly all taken care of.

Eco-friendly exploration.

Not only is travelling via coach a convenient and comfortable experience, it also reduces our impact on the pristine environment that we visit Queenstown to see. With close to one million people visiting Milford Sound per year, emissions can add up to have a large negative impact if every person or couple drove their own car from Queenstown. Opt to sit with fellow conscious travellers and reduce your footprint while on Kiwi soil.

No parking hassles.

Choosing a premium coach as transport also ensures a smooth drop off and pick up at both ends of the journey and in Milford Sound, avoiding the chaos of parking, road navigation, and the $10/hr cost of parking in busier months.

Meet new travel friends.

With all your fellow travellers and nature enthusiasts mustering at the coach pick-up, mingling during lunch stops, and cruising aboard the Milford Sound cruise, and more are all chances throughout the coach journey that you can meet new friends from all over the world.

Quality time with your travel buddies.

Milford Sound is a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll want to soak in from start to finish. When you catch a coach, you’re able to spend less time focused on the road and more time connecting with the friends and loved ones you’re making the journey with.

Save the cost of a rental car.

Check your Queenstown activity wish-list and consider if a visit to Milford Sound is the only activity that you may need to travel far for. If so, choosing a coach may also save you the cost of a rental car. In addition to a Milford Sound trip, you’ll find that many other activities also offer transport services from central Queenstown to make your holiday easier!

Freedom to enjoy the views.

Sitting in the passenger seat means you can take your eyes off the road and let them wander anywhere else; there’s endless views to see. With flat plains, towering cliffs, roadside waterfalls, and of course, the alpine mountains views, the drive to Milford Sound is half the show. Our premium coach experience is purpose-built with this in mind; you can expect huge windows on the side and top of the bus to ensure no view is missed.


The roads in the South Island are unique and often very busy with tourist drivers. Windy, busy, and remote does not always make a safe combination for drivers who aren’t familiar with the condition. Our experienced drivers will you get you to Milford Sound and back safely.

A trip to Milford Sound should be a completely immersive and wondrous experience unburdened by logistics and stress on the road. Choosing to combine a Milford Sound cruise with our premium coach makes for the perfect inclusive day trip from Queenstown that lets you focus on the parts that matter!

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