What to Pack for a Milford Sound Winter Trip
2 August 2017

A trip to the gorgeous and ever-popular Milford Sound can only be made more enjoyable by preparing for it properly. Reaching Milford Sound can be done as a longer trip with an overnight stop at Te Anau or a 12-hour day trip from Queenstown. Trips to Milford Sound can be done anytime of the year. By now, you’ve probably read about the infamous rainfall – which happens about 200 days a year. Winter is no exception. As such, having the right gear will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Here are our recommended must-have for a winter trip to Milford Sound:

Appropriate Clothing for Wet and/or Warm Weather

Winter will not only bring cold winds, but will also have a chance of rain, especially in New Zealand’s Fiordland. Bring warm clothes and layer them along with waterproof pants and jackets for the potentially rainy days during your trip. Jeans may be comfortable and stylish, but once these get wet, they are difficult to dry and will be pretty uncomfortably heavy.

Day Gear

The Milford Sound has several nature trails for both beginners and advanced trekkers and hikers, even in winter. There are a number of short walking paths that provide spectacular views of nature. You will need the right gear and set of clothes to explore and still remain warm throughout the day trips. A sturdy a pair of hiking shoes, quick dry but thick pants, and a light jacket, are some of the things to consider wearing.


You can pre-purchase food if you are taking the coach & cruise combination but you may also want to bring your own packed lunch. Remember, it’s a 5-hour trip, so you might get hungry. Preparing your own food is also a good option if you have specific dietary requirements.


As the cliché goes, a picture paints a thousand words; you would want to take several throughout your trip. Milford Sound has several picturesque views that are magazine and Instagram-worthy. Charge your devices and have a spare memory card for all the photos you will be taking.

Wear Sunscreen

It may be cold, but just because it is, does not mean you are safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Wear sunscreen during your trip to prevent prolonged sun exposure that can harm your skin.

These are some of the things you need to pack during your winter trip to the Milford Sound. Preparation allows you to enjoy your trip with fewer worries.

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