Scenic Cruise Pride of Milford - Southern DiscoveriesPride of Milford (Scenic Cruise)
Vessel Type: Catamaran, flat bow design
Length / Beam: 34 metres / 13 metres
Cruising Speed: 13 knots
Survey Capacity: 400 passengers
VIP Lounge Capacity: 51 passengers, private viewing deck
Viewing Decks: 5 – bow, stern, port, starboard and large top deck



Encounter-Nature-Cruise-Milford-Sound-Southern-DiscoveriesLady Bowen (Encounter Nature Cruise)
Vessel Type: Steel Monohull
Length / Beam: 21 metres / 6 metres
Cruising Speed: 10.2 knots
Survey Capacity: 100 passengers
Viewing Decks: 4 – bow, covered stern and forward viewing deck




Cruise-Milford-Sound-Southern-DiscoveriesSpirit of Milford (Nature Cruise)
Vessel Type: Catamaran
Length / Beam: 26 metres / 9 metres
Cruising Speed: 9.6 knots
Survey Capacity: 240 passengers
Viewing Decks: 3 – bow, covered stern and large top deck




Lady Sterling cruise boat Milford Sound Lady Stirling (Discover More and Encounter Nature Cruise)
Vessel Type: 
Length: 1
Cruising Speed: 
Survey Capacity: 
Viewing Decks: 



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