Milford Sound Cruises*

1 October 2019 – 30 April 2020

Departs FromCheck-in
DepartsOptionIncludesReturnsAdultChildOnline Special 
Milford Sound8.45am9.00amScenic Cruise10.45am$55$30
Milford Sound10.15am10.30amNature Cruise12.15pm$75$30SAVE 10%
Milford Sound11.15am11.30amScenic Cruise1.00pm$89$30SAVE 10%
Milford Sound12.45pm1.00pmNature Cruise3.00pm$109$30
Milford Sound1.15pm1.30pmScenic Cruise3.15pm$105$30SAVE 10%
Milford Sound3.00pm3.15pmNature Cruise 5.00pm$75$30SAVE 10%

Milford Sound Coach & Cruise

1 October 2019 – 30 April 2020

DepartsOptionIncludesReturnsAdultChildOnline Special 
Queenstown7.00am7.15amCoach & Cruise*7.45pm$215
$125SAVE $20
Queenstown7.00am7.15amCoach & Cruise*Buffet Lunch7.45pm$235
$125SAVE $20
Te Anau7.45am8.00amCoach & Cruise**5.00pm$125$75
Te Anau9.45am10.00amCoach & Cruise 5.15pm$195$115
Te Anau9.45am10.00amCoach & Cruise Buffet Lunch 5.15pm$215$115

*Save $20 on adult fares only. Book online today.**Add picnic lunch for only $20.

Milford Sound Kayaking and Milford Sound Underwater Observatory

3 February 2020 – 30 April 2020

Due to recent weather events Milford Sound Underwater Observatory and all kayaking experiences will not be operating until further notice. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.


Milford Sound Cruises

1 May 2020 – 30 September 2020

Departs FromCheck in closesDepartsOptionIncludesReturnsAdultChildOnline Special 
Milford Sound9.30am9.45amEncounter Nature Cruise12.00pm$85$30
Milford Sound9.30am9.45amEncounter Nature Cruise +
Underwater Observatory*
Picnic Lunch1.00pm$120$55
Milford Sound10.15am10.30amNature Cruise12.15pm$69$30SAVE 10%
Milford Sound10.15am10.30am Nature Cruise +
Underwater Observatory*
Picnic Lunch1.20pm$104$83
Milford Sound11.15am11.30amScenic Cruise1.00pm$69$30SAVE 10%
Milford Sound11.15am11.30amScenic Cruise +
Underwater Observatory*
Picnic Lunch1.20pm$104$55
Milford Sound12.45pm1.00pmNature Cruise2.30pm$95$30SAVE 10%
Milford Sound12.45pm1.00pm Nature Cruise + Underwater Observatory*Picnic Lunch3.15pm$130$55
Milford Sound1.15pm1.30pmScenic Cruise3.15pm$85$30SAVE 10%
Milford Sound1.45pm2.00pmNature Cruise3.45pm$75$30SAVE 10%
Milford Sound1.45pm2.00pm Nature Cruise + Underwater Observatory*Picnic Lunch4.30pm$110$55

*Underwater Observatory will be closed for winter maintenance from 31 May 2020 to 10 August 2020. Our vessels will be undergoing routine winter maintenance so your cruise may depart on a different vessel than advertised. Please note that cruise durations are approximate only.

Milford Sound Coach & Cruise – departs Queenstown and Te Anau

Departs FromCheck in closesDepartsOptionIncludesReturnsAdultChild 
Queenstown6.45am7.00amCoach & Nature Cruise 7.30pm$185$89
Queenstown6.45am7.00amCoach & Nature Cruise Picnic Lunch**7.30pm$205$99
Queenstown6.45am7.00amCoach & Nature Cruise with return flightPicnic Lunch**4.15pm$619$360

Queenstown6.45am7.00amCoach & Nature Cruise with return heliPicnic Lunch**4.15pm$1040$684

Queenstown7.00am7.15amCoach & Scenic Cruise 7.45pm$175$89
Queenstown7.00am7.15amCoach & Scenic Cruise International Buffet Lunch7.45pm$195$99
Queenstown7.00am7.15amCoach & Scenic Cruise with return flightInternational Buffet Lunch4.30pm$619$360

Queenstown7.00am7.15amCoach & Scenic Cruise with return heliInternational Buffet Lunch4.30pm$1030$684

Te Anau9.15am9.30amSmall Coach, Cruise
& Underwater Observatory*
Te Anau9.45am10.00amCoach & Nature Cruise5.00pm$165$79
Te Anau9.45am10.00amCoach & Nature CruisePicnic Lunch**5.00pm$185$89
Te Anau10.00am10.15amCoach & Scenic Cruise5.15pm$155$79
Te Anau10.00am10.15amCoach & Scenic CruiseInternational Buffet Lunch5.15pm$175$89

*Small Coach, Cruise & Underwater Observatory will not be available 31 May to 10 August due to the Underwater Observatory being closed for winter maintenance.
**Picnic lunch special – upgrade your picnic lunch to hot chicken katsu or tofu teryaki rice. Only available when you book online.