What Makes Our Encounter Nature Cruise Unique

25 October 2019

You can’t go all the way to Milford Sound and not go on a cruise! Milford Sound is known as the eight wonder of the world and for most it’s a once in a lifetime visit, so choosing what cruise to take is a very important decision. There are so many different types of cruises to choose from  and each cruise has its own unique qualities that suit different people. If you’re looking for a more personal experience, away from some of the bigger tour groups, we’ve got perfect cruise for you –  our Encounter Nature Cruise!

Our Encounter Nature Cruise is a unique cruise, unlike any other cruise in Milford Sound. How is it so unique? Well, let us tell you.

Cruise on a small boat

One of the biggest things that sets our Encounter Nature Cruise apart from other cruises in Milford Sound is that it’s on a small boat. A smaller boat allows a more personal experience with our nature guide and skipper. The small boat also allows the skipper to get the boat extremely close to wildlife and waterfalls! 

That being said, the boat is still large enough to be very comfortable! Our small boat, Lady Bowen, has three outdoor viewing decks, two at the front and one at the rear so you can get within touching distance of the sheers cliffs in Milford Sound. There are also two spacious and comfortable indoor decks with great viewing windows. You can enjoy the sights of Milford Sound from inside the warm cabin with a cup of free tea or coffee in hand.

Longer Cruise

On our Encounter Nature Cruise, you will get more than two hours  exploring the fiord! This cruise takes its time as it explores the length of the fiord giving you more time to take in the scenery and the wildlife. While all our cruises take the same route, our Encounter Nature Cruise gets you closer to a few extra points of interest along the way.

Nature Guide

Our Encounter Nature Cruise has an expert nature guide on board. Our nature guide will not only give you insight into the history of Milford Sound but also tell you about the unique wildlife  and geology of the area.

Our nature guides also have a pretty sharp eye when it comes to wildlife spotting. They’ll be sure to point out any wildlife along the way and answer any questions you might have. Our skipper will make sure our small boat is positioned well, so everyone can view the wildlife that may be enjoying the waters of Milford Sound.

On an Encounter Nature Cruise seeing seals is very common. You could also see a variety of birds, a some tawaki penguins, as well as dolphins! So keep a watch out!

Drink Pure Glacier Water

One of the highlights of Encounter Nature Cruise is the waterfall experiences. The boat will get so close to a waterfall that you can get showered underneath the fresh water (if you choose). Don’t worry about getting wet either as we have raincoats on board.

If having a waterfall shower isn’t your thing, then you can still experience the pure glacier water by drinking a glass for yourself! When the weather allows (which luckily, is more often than not) we’ll fill up some glasses under beautiful Fairy Falls so you can try the purest water you will ever taste!

Underwater Observatory

If you want to see even more of Milford Sound (and what’s beneath the water’s surface) then you should definitely include a visit to Milford Underwater Observatory as part of your trip! The Encounter Nature Cruise stops at Milford Sound Underwater Observatory. Simply choose the Underwater Observatory add-on when booking your cruise to ensure you have the option to visit the underwater observatory.

Descend 10 meters down a spiral staircase to below the surface of the water . From here you can look through the large viewing windows at what lives underneath the water in Milford Sound.

Our guide will provide commentary about the different coral and fish found in Milford Sound. They will also answer any questions and point out anything unique that comes to visit you through the glass.

You can spend up to an hour at the underwater observatory before boarding another boat that takes you back to shore.

If you’re going to make the special trip to Milford Sound you should experience it the best way you can! Our Encounter Nature Cruise will give the in-depth, personal cruise experience that you’re looking for!


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